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"There’s something so simple and elegant about fishing horror. Our Lady of the Drowned Lake, Zero Reporter, despite the time limit of a game jam, has created something truly incredible." - DreadXP

===== CONTROLS =====

WASD to control your boat.

SPACE to cast your line at SUSPICIOUS RED ZONES.

MOUSE to choose actions.

LUCK IN THE DICE to avoid the NOISE.

Happy fishing!


Lakeside communities often tell stories about the Water's Caboclo, a folkloric denizen of rivers and lakes which they coexist with. The Caboclo can help or hinder the local fisherfolk in their work, requiring offerings to be appeased, representing the will of the river or lake itself.

In some remote communities, however, the offerings are substituted by a gamble with said creature, a roll of the dice with survival on the line.

In all of these customs, the uneasy human-river tension is replicated in the human-monster relationship.

-- Geography of Fisherfolk Myths, page 48.

Amateur reporter Bento hoped to learn more about this folklore during a night fishing trip, dutifully documented by his camera. What he learned when he gambled with the lake is documented here.

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Very interesting game and lore vise, i'm kinda late to the hype , but i noticed if you let go of everything it softlocked you and can't progress and it would be better if there's like a sound indicator that a  red spot is near or something , but anyway 10/10 cool game

Cool game here's a speedrun.


cool! Thanks for sharing your gameplay with us!

Where you from guys? I think some familiar things in this game. =)

Well, I really enjoyed the game. But I think (just because GMTK already done) a lack of visual refrence in "lake or sea" because the boat simply stop. I was playing in a MOnitor a little bit darker e played a good time "triyng go to right/left", doesnt matter =)

Another thing: Something to be clear the game is over after the trasmission. Some people who I share the game was waiting to see if something happen. 

Congrats for the game! Very good e great visual in general.

Hi! We’re from Brazil :)

thank you fir your feedback! We’re currently working on an updated version, so we hope you’ll enjoy that one when released 

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views finding appendages through murky haunted waters, a traveller attains more than calm satisfaction.  the views pale aspiring realization distinct from other existing creatures unnatural as the experimental footage explains.  favorable extension of the representation it is with artistic value rarely seen from short spans of time.


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👀 🐠 👹 


Really nice anolog horror game. 

thank you for your video!

Made a video


Thanks for adding your footage to Zero Reporter ;)

Interesting game, would be cool if it was expanded, learning about different folklore as its spun into horror games is always something I know people can get into. Educating + Entertainment, two birds with one stone :p 

Hi Neco, thank you so much for taking the time to make a video about our game, we really liked it! And yes, taking the opportunity to put players in contact with our culture (and therefore new and unique stories) is something we’re constantly thinking about :)

This was an interesting and creepy game. Great job! 

Glad you enjoyed the game, and thank you for your video!

I need you to teach me how to make amazing thumbnails lmao loved the game!

Full Play No Commentary 

thank you for the video and kind words :)

the visuals!! my god, it's so good. for being made in 48 hours the polish is insane *__*

Thank you :)

Comments below clip;

I'm normally not the kinda guy to play anything but FPS games. Nevertheless, when I saw this one on Ryan Bentz's youtube channel, I immediately downloaded/played and recorded it. First of all, the satellite view is a first for me. Secondly, the game drags you in without realizing it. There are all sorts of tensions, fighting each other to reach the surface first. Well done and I'm impressed. 5 star rating.

hey Daniel! Thanks so much for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the game :)

We didn’t find Ryan Bentz’ video, though! Would you kindly link it for us here?

Hey Guys,

My bad. It was  

Niven Hedinger

Sorry about the fvck up :o]

Oh, cool!

big creepy!

Deep creepy!

A must play game! Surprisingly well polished with exceptional delivery! 
I was really astonished by the game, considering the fact that it was made for the Jam and I was expecting a decent story, but this truly came out to be a masterpiece.
Can't wait for the continuation of the story and giving the game even more depth and choices. I loved the FMV added to the game, making it more believable and the atmosphere was top notch. Brilliant!


Hey, Niven, glad to hear you enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing it and taking the time to make a video about it!

Cool game, and great concept! I love playing unique games, and Iove the lore! Thanks for sharing! Below is my gameplay

Oh, thank you so much for taking the time to make a video on our game! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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This is really cool! I don't really get the deal with the offerings though. Are some more likely to succeed than others? None seem to work for me. And does the game have an ending? (other than the one where you fail)

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Hello! Thanks for playing our game, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

So, the initial idea was to have slight variations depending on your offering at the end. Due to the Jam’s time constraints we chose to make a simpler ending in order to deliver a more solid overall experience.

However, getting more items will let you get more context on what’s happening at the lake.

We plan on releasing a full version or sequel in the near future :)

Thanks for the heads up! It's a great game. Looking forward to exploring more of the lake's secrets in the future! :)

Thanks, and thank you for the video! We are very excited about being featured in your channel :)